Sending cargo animals

Sending cargo animals

Our company cooperates with Turkish airlines for sending cargo to different countries. At the moment, this is the only a / v that flies from Russia to all countries and takes live animals on board. Considering that now the dispatches are going on animals that "sat too long" and there are a lot of them, Turkish a / v decided to send in pallets, i.e. 16 - 40 boxes at once. And buyers want to take everyone at once). This practice is a novelty for Russia and we are the first to master it! But recently, a situation has developed that Turkish a / v does not always operate flights according to the planned schedule and with a delay in Istanbul for various reasons (not heated / not ventilated board, cargo 200, a passenger with a different type of animal, and some others). I want to declare that before putting animals on board there is an agreement with all the airports of destination and without confirmation of one of them we cannot even hand over the animals to the warehouse. Plus, recipients confirm their receipt from the arrival warehouse within 3 hours. The entire schedule of the route is negotiated in advance, before departure! And we, like you, dear breeders, when handing over animals to the warehouse, have information confirmed by departure and arrival! Before departure, animals must be with us 2 days before departure, because without animals and their original passport it is not possible to issue the necessary documents for the flight. these 2 days the animals are with us with full care! They are provided with water and food available, changing diapers as needed immediately! Babies are monitored 24 hours !!!! And everything related to registration (F1 certificates, registration at the airport of veterinary control, registration of customs documents), delivery to the warehouse is our responsibility! As soon as we have handed over the animals to the warehouse, it is the responsibility of the airline !!!!!! From this moment on, she assumes the right and responsibility for delays and transfers, she is responsible for the life and health of your beloved babies !!! Unfortunately, I am not the owner of a Turkish airline and when transferring flights, they do not agree with me and do not even inform me! I find out by going to their website or from a call from the breeder who, with shouts of how bad I am (to put it mildly), delayed the flight ... ... Neither I nor any other agent can influence their work, delays and transfers !!!!! Unfortunately, we are unable to accompany the animals to Istanbul and, in case of delay, take care of them! We cannot influence animal care in Istanbul! We are not allowed to do this ... .. In practice, 3 out of 5 dispatches occur with delays, either at the Moscow airport or in Istanbul ... .. In turn, I would like to state that everything that depends on us - we do it! When there was a delay in Vnukovo for 2 days, promising a departure on the next flight, we came every day to look after the kids, we received permission from Vnukovo-cargo, to take them out for a walk, for which a special thank you to the management of Vnukovo-Cargo! When we were told that the flight was postponed for a day, we did not draw up the delivery to the warehouse, but took the cats to ourselves to look after them and provided full care at our own expense. If flights are delayed in Istanbul, we ask for reports on the condition of the animals. We love animals and caring for them is natural for us !!!!

Our company Animal Trips, consisting of managers, agents, couriers who meet in Moscow, zoo nannies, a broker, work 24/7, and 48/14 before shipments. Sending pallets is a huge job that the breeder does not see, unfortunately! And when calling and demanding personal attention to her cat, insisting on scratching behind the ear for 24 hours, she does not think that there are 59 more besides her cat! who also need care and attention! Yes, it may not always be possible to get through to us right away, because there is a stream of calls - 40 breeders at once with the question "how is my cat", the line is overloaded ... .. maybe we do not immediately send a photo / video report to each breeder separately, just because that at this time there is a reception of other animals. to meet 50 kids for 1.5 days, couriers sleep between meetings for an hour in the car! Zoo nannies work in shifts, providing reception and care for babies! And in order to draw up documents for 60 animals, you need the same time, and you also need to finish your passport or reissue it, because October 20 has not yet come, find out from the breeder that the cat was forgotten to microchip or a bag of food remained at home, take an adult cat in box number 2 and to listen to the cry from the breeder - why did they change the box without listening that the box is small for this cat and he cannot fly in it…. and many nuances that remain "behind the scenes" ... ... Our team is doing everything possible to ensure the comfort of your kids and everything necessary for the delivery to take place and go according to the planned schedule! We do not say beautiful words, but work according to the principle - if we do, then we do it well!

Best regards, Natalia Kulyasova

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